Reimagine what teaching can be

In TeacherQuest with Institute of Play, teachers learn how to design game-like learning experiences that increase student engagement, activate key 21st Century skills, and improve learning outcomes.

About Our Program


TeacherQuest is a professional development program and learning community for teachers of all grades and subject areas. With an emphasis on game-like learning, the design process, and systems thinking, TeacherQuest provides both new ways of thinking and practical tools to support teaching. Teachers who participate in the program say it helps them increase student engagement (97%), increase their effectiveness as an educator (92%), and better reach Common Core Standards (92%).

Game-like Learning

Game-like learning brings together the principles of game design and proven teaching practices. Research shows that this instructional approach makes a significant impact on students’ critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills.

Institute of Play

Institute of Play designs experiences that make learning irresistible. We are an education nonprofit founded by a group of game designers in New York City in 2007. Our first project was the design and development of the New York City public school, Quest to Learn, which opened in 2009. Since then, we’ve created programs, products and institutions that demonstrate the unique power of games and play in education.