Reimagine what teaching can be

In TeacherQuest with Institute of Play, teachers learn how to design game-like learning experiences that increase student engagement, activate key 21st Century skills, and improve learning outcomes.

Upcoming Programs

We offer courses year round, but registration usually begins 1 to 3 months before each class begins. Check this space often to stay up to date on our current course offerings! 

About Our Program

About TeacherQuest

TeacherQuest is a professional development program and learning community for teachers of all grades and subject areas. With an emphasis on game-like learning, the design process, and systems thinking, TeacherQuest provides both new ways of thinking and practical tools to support teaching. Teachers who participate in the program say it helps them increase student engagement (97%), increase their effectiveness as an educator (92%), and better reach Common Core Standards (92%).

Institute of Play

TeacherQuest is designed and facilitated by Institute of Play. Founded in 2007, Institute of Play is a research-led non-profit focused on creating experiences that make learning irresistible. Using a set of Game-Like Learning principles, we have created successful institutions, programs, and products that aim to place design at the center of teaching and learning and unlock the transformative power of people as seekers and solvers of complex problems. Our approach is based on a belief that play, games, game design and the principles that underlie them have vital roles to play in engaging 21st Century audiences, as well as in building critical skills like collaboration, empathy and innovation.

Custom Programs

We develop customized and subject-specific programs for partners, schools, and districts. Subject-specific programs are designed to focus on deep exploration of content through design thinking and play. Ongoing programs support sustainable implementation of a game-like learning approach over time, and maximize the impact on teacher and student learning.